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Rafala Hospital Cafe

We offered you feel difference experience on our cafe that you only find it in our cafe, Hospital Cafe the cafe with theme on hospital with live performance music band.

Feel the difference

Rafala Hospital Cafe

Rafala Hospital Cafe is Cafe from Indonesia and part of Rafala Group, The first Rafala Hospital Cafe was openend in September 2015 in Balcony Mall, Balikpapan. Rafala Hospital Cafe was the first one cafe that have a theme on hospital with a live perfomance music band everyday.

Rafala Hospital Cafe also pride itself in many delicious foods, snacks, and drinks, hot or cold. Some of favorites Foods / Snacks are Special Yellow Rice, Spaghetti, Nachos, Steak, and so we have some unique foods from Columbia like Papa's Reggina, Banana Grill Columbia, not only foods we have unique drinks too that you must try it likes Pink Lady Rafala, Avocado Standing, Balcony Sensei, and Ice Fresh.